The Aging Myth Launches Today

The Aging Myth Launches Today


The Aging Myth

We’re excited to announce that the book, The Aging Myth, launched today and it’s already ranked #1 on Amazon’s “Health, Mind, and Body” book category! Written by Joe Chang, Ph.D., Nu Skin’s chief scientific officer, the new book reveals how recent genetic discoveries are challenging traditional anti-aging philosophies and helping people live younger longer. In The Aging Myth, Joe uses a conversational and accessible style to dispel common myths about aging and explains some of the latest groundbreaking research in the field, including:


· Why he believes aging is not an issue of whether or not you have “good genes” – it’s about how your genes function.

· How new science may someday allow us to “die healthy” and maintain a youthful quality of life until our last living day. 

· Why some people look much younger than their actual age would suggest.


“I was troubled when my father passed away after a long time of suffering from chronic illness and deterioration,” said Joe. “I believe there has to be a way to help people die healthy so that while they are alive, they are truly living. I believe that most people are born with good genes, but it’s a matter of how these genes are expressed that determines how well we age.”


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