The Weight of the World

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The Weight of the World


Being overweight has become a public health issue affecting people in most regions around the world. Since 1980, the number of people who are overweight has more than doubled. More than 200 million men and 300 million women globally have measured a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more in recent years, and almost one billion more are overweight[1]. 42 percent of consumers are dissatisfied with their body weight and shape[2] while 77 percent are currently trying to lose or maintain their weight[3]. Sedentary but fast-paced lifestyles and the consumption of high-calorie and under-nutritious food have contributed to the rising number of overweight people worldwide[4].


Being overweight is more than just a physical health concern; it jeopardizes overall wellness. Being overweight and feeling dissatisfied with body shape impacts confidence and inhibits a person’s ability to live young. Dissatisfaction with body shape and image is growing with increasing rates of overweight and obesity2. Real fears about loss of attractiveness, job opportunities, and social acceptance negatively impact quality of life.


With the overweight problem being so widespread and detrimental, it’s no wonder that the quest for effective weight loss is currently driving investment. Global weight loss and diet management products and services are expected to reach sales of $671.8 billion by the year 2015 and are trending at an 11.5 percent growth rate5. Studies show that direct selling is the most effective retail channel for weight loss products, accounting for an estimated 27 percent of global total value sales2.


The demand for successful weight management products and tools is growing worldwide and people all around the globe would benefit from products that help them look and feel healthy. Coming in 2013: ageLOC Gamma. Nu Skin's leading edge, proprietary weight management system incorporates the science of gene expression. The results will be nothing less than extraordinary. The next wave of the Nu Skin opportunity is about to roll in.



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