Tegreen 97® Study Featured in Healthy Aging

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Tegreen 97® Study Featured in Healthy Aging


Healthy Aging

Tegreen 97 and its effect on the appearance of skin were highlighted this week in Healthy Aging magazine. Titled, “Improving Skin Tone With Green Tea,” the article discussed the findings of a recent clinical study conducted by scientists from both Nu Skin and Stanford School of Medicine.


In the highlighted study, 56 women were administered Tegreen 97 two times a day for two years. The women’s skin was then tested at six-, 12- and 24-month intervals. Results showed a strong correlation between Nu Skin’s Tegreen 97 and reductions in skin damage based on different study assessments, including grading from board-certified dermatologists. In fact, 47% of women who took Tegreen 97 twice daily for two years had moderate or greater improvements in photoaging when compared to placebo.


Additional significant self-assessments over baseline included:

- Reduction in pore size at 12 months

- Increased skin evenness at 12 months


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