Learning a New Product in Five Steps

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Learning a New Product in Five Steps


Nu Skin’s distributors are intimately familiar with the range of personal care and nutrition products they sell. Their knowledge and experience with these products increases their selling power, focus and confidence. But what about when Nu Skin announces a brand new product? Distributors must quickly internalize ins and outs of the new product, which can include learning the latest selling points, ingredients and testimonials. Internalizing this new information can often seem overwhelming.


The Direct Selling Education Foundation recently offered their advice with five ideas to help distributors effectively learn about a new product. The following suggestions can also be used with learning new technologies, different perspectives or even for self-improvement.


Write down what you want to learn. This is a simple yet powerful step. Writing a goal mentally prepares and focuses you. Be sure to include in your writing an objective, benchmarks and deadlines.


Commit to studying and practicing.  Learning something new takes time and hard work. Plan sufficient time for researching, studying and practicing.


Embrace your mistakes and adjust them to improve. Don’t let mistakes get you down. Learn to see mistakes as positive learning experiences that can help you improve.


Visualize yourself doing it. Imagine yourself using your new knowledge.


Personalize it and make it a part of who you are. Make it something that becomes a habit. Personalize your new knowledge so it becomes part of you. Incorporate tasks and actions associated with your new knowledge into your existing routine.


Learning something new isn’t easy, but with hard work and dedication you will have the knowledge you need in no time.

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