Sometimes a Simple Goal is the Most Important

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Sometimes a Simple Goal is the Most Important

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The dream of financial independence is a goal many distributors have achieved—and continue to achieve—with Nu Skin. However, the Nu Skin business model provides far more than a commission check. For some individuals, the true benefit of a Nu Skin business is the way it enables people to lead a life that matches the needs within their family.


With his long association with Nu Skin, Brett Nelson, Vice President of Global Market Services, knows many distributors who have gone on to become highly successful, but one story he loves involves a single mother from a small rural town in the United States. She isn’t Team Elite or Blue Diamond yet, but thanks to Nu Skin, her initial dream has been fulfilled.


This woman was working hard to provide for her two small children. She worked two jobs and was still struggling to put food on the table and provide a comfortable home for them. The hardest part? She never got to spend time with her children, which hurt her—a lot.


A Goal Met—Lives Changed


Then she found Nu Skin, and her life began to transform. Her first goal was to gain the freedom to take her children to school and pick them up afterwards; this was her “why” and what motivated her to build her business. “One of the amazing things that came out of the conversation with her is that because of Nu Skin, this lady is now able to be home with her children during the evening,” says Brett. “In my view, this defines Nu Skin—it is all about improving lives.” This woman’s story demonstrates how Nu Skin provides a great opportunity for people to pursue the success and dreams that match their values—it is the force that keeps them working tirelessly.


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Today, this Distributor works the business part-time while her children are in school. Although her life has also improved financially, it’s the ability to be with her children that brings tears to her eyes when she talks about what Nu Skin means to her. In fact, Nu Skin has also empowered her children, since they love to tell others about the wonderful new lifestyle Nu Skin has given all of them.


“She achieved her dreams. She set her goals big, and she continues to
work Nu Skin and grow her Nu Skin business.”
                    —Brett Nelson, Vice President of Global Market Services


Brett Nelson serves as the Vice President of Global Market Services for Nu Skin. He was formerly the president of the Nu Skin North America region. Prior to that, he had fulfilled a two-year appointment as the president of the North Asia region and concurrently served as the president of Nu Skin Japan.


With nearly 20 years experience with the company, Brett has extensive knowledge of the development of business strategies, distributor relations, and global strategy development. He has helped to develop many new and established markets.



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