Rewards That Go Beyond Financial Benefits

Rewards That Go Beyond Financial Benefits

Andrew Fan - China

For many Nu Skin sales leaders, earning a rewarding income is only one part of what is at the heart of their business building efforts. Andrew Fan, president of the Greater China region, has witnessed “force for good” actions by many individuals involved with the company that far surpass the motivation of monetary rewards. Such is the case of a Nu Skin sales leader from Beijing who has combined a strong work ethic with a firm belief in Nu Skin’s mission of giving to others.


After living in Singapore for 15 years, this divorcée moved back to Beijing to build a new life for herself. She soon remarried, joined Nu Skin, and aggressively began growing a sales organization. She was determined to build a successful business.    


Even though her meetings were very small, her dream was big—and she tirelessly met with people every day to build her organization. Before long, she became pregnant, and then experienced the heartbreak of losing the baby. However, she did not lose her will to continue building her Nu Skin business. She resumed her efforts to grow her organization just a week after this devastating loss. This Nu Skin leader knew what she wanted to achieve—and she let nothing keep her from reaching this goal.


She Immediately Lived the Nu Skin Culture


Today, in just two years’ time, she has qualified as a National Sales Director—a big achievement in China given the lack of knowledge about direct selling in the mainland China market. But what is most impressive about this woman’s story is what she did with one of her compensation milestones early in her career.


Most people would instantly bank or spend income earned. However, this sales leader spent half the money she earned to purchase VitaMeal from the Nourish the Children initiative.  She then donated the VitaMeal through the initiative to help feed starving children. The other half she donated to the Force for Good Foundation’s China Children’s Heart Fund to help Chinese children who are born with congenital heart disease. Although she had just begun earning rewards for her Nu Skin business, she realized her success was directly connected to the Nu Skin force for good culture. 


“She immediately lived our culture. It wasn’t just about her dream,
it was also about the Nu Skin culture—this is the powerful thing about her.”
                                                                                       —Andrew Fan

Andrew and China management visit a China Children’s Heart Fund beneficiary

To Andrew, this is the mark of a true leader, and one of the reasons Nu Skin continues to attract people who have the welfare of the world in their hearts—and in their business ethics.


Andrew Fan was the founding employee of Nu Skin in Asia, serving as the company’s first manager of Nu Skin Hong Kong 20 years ago. He has been fortunate to participate in the opening of every Nu Skin Asia market and has witnessed the growth and success of many outstanding distributor leaders throughout Asia. 


As president of Greater China, Andrew oversees Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. He is responsible for building a strong Nu Skin presence in Greater China, and today the region is on track to reach the Greater China team’s very aggressive goal of $1 billion by 2014.


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