Recreating Your Life by Taking Action and Leading Others

Recreating Your Life by Taking Action and Leading Others

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With Nu Skin’s direct selling business model, people of all incomes, ages and experience levels can be successful if they work hard and follow the drivers outlined in The Success Formula.  Sometimes, it is even a heartbreaking event that leads to positive changes in a person’s life.


Luke Yoo, President of the North Asia region and Korea, recalls one successful distributor who was facing a very difficult situation when he joined the company.  Luke believes this Nu Skin leader is a great example of taking action to make a difference in your own life, and then leading others to do the same for themselves.


In 1995, the Kansai area of Japan was struck by a devastating earthquake that destroyed many businesses and homes and killed over 5,000 people. One of the people greatly affected by this disaster was a man who operated five restaurants in the region—businesses he had worked hard to establish for 20 years.  In one day his livelihood and all of the effort he had invested in the restaurants were gone.  In addition to losing his businesses and source of income, he also lost his happiness, because life was suddenly very bleak for this hard-working Japanese man.


A Discovery That Changed His Life Forever


About two years later, during a time when the man was struggling financially and emotionally because of his great loss, he discovered Nu Skin.  He embraced the vision of achieving a better life that has led so many others to success, and he began to work hard to grow his Nu Skin business.  He has now built a thriving organization that has propelled him to Team Elite Executive status and made him a $10 Million Circle member[i].


Now an enthusiastic “ambassador” for Nu Skin, this successful man loves letting people know how they too can change their circumstances—both financially and on a personal, emotional level—through the opportunity Nu Skin offers.  In addition to recreating his own professional success, he has also helped his two sisters become highly successful Nu Skin distributors.


This Japanese Team Elite Executive still lives in Kobe in the Kansai area.  Kobe has been rebuilt and now is a beautiful city—a testament to the Japanese people’s ability to restore the beauty and prosperity of their country.  And, like Kobe, this man—whose life was suddenly shattered—has restored his own prosperity and purpose, and serves as a dynamic leader who helps others understand that they too can change their circumstances if they take action and then guide others to success.


“Of course he was pursuing financial freedom, but right now he’s enjoying his
life, and he is helping other people overcome their troubles, both financially and
personally, so they can be happy members of the Nu Skin family like he is.”
                              —Luke Yoo, President of the North Asia Region and Korea


Luke Yoo joined Nu Skin as Vice President of Nu Skin Korea in December 1998 and continued as the General Manager of the Pharmanex Division for Nu Skin Korea until September 2003. In October 2003, Luke was appointed President and Representative Director of Nu Skin Korea. Prior to joining Nu Skin, he was a partner consultant at East West Consulting in the United States.


[i] Million Dollar Circle Member refers to those independent distributors who are members of the Million Dollar Circle having earned over one million dollars in commissions over the life of their involvement with Nu Skin. There are, however, no guarantees of success.  Not all distributors make money. For a complete summary of distributor earnings/ bonuses paid to distributors at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or go to


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