Recap: Blue Diamond Trip

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Recap: Blue Diamond Trip

Sundance, Jazz game, Vegas and more!


Our new Blue Diamonds arrived in Utah on Sunday, March 21, and enjoyed a welcome dinner and opening entertainment at world-famous Sundance Resort.

On Monday, those in attendance took in a Utah Jazz game and watched a spectacular comeback win by the Jazz over the visiting Boston Celtics. Along with rooting for the Jazz, the Blue Diamonds were able to welcome the Celtics back onto the court at halftime.

After spending time in Utah, the group hit the open road en route for Las Vegas. On the way, they enjoyed an afternoon with one of Nu Skin’s first distributors, Clara McDermott. They also enjoyed an elegant dinner at Olives Restaurant in Las Vegas, first-class spa treatments, and a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon.

Congratulations to our new Blue Diamonds who attended:

- Shurli Massell and Debra Springham

- Derek and Claudia Bentley

- Michelle and Steve Choi

- Rob and Christine Nagato-Needleman

- Leslie Gail

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