Reaching Your Goals Means Never Giving in to Adversity

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Reaching Your Goals Means Never Giving in to Adversity


Adversity can strike anyone at any moment. When it does, most people have a decision to make—they can allow adversity to gain the upper hand and dictate how successful they will be, or they can stare adversity boldly in the face and make a decision not to allow it to hinder their plan to reach their goals.


Scott Schwerdt, President of the Nu Skin Americas Region, has witnessed many people who have overcome adversity and gone on to become very successful distributors. One individual he loves to talk about, and who has become a source of inspiration to many, is a California woman who initially had skepticism about the potential Nu Skin offered. Her best friend, a highly successful Nu Skin distributor, finally convinced her to enroll and she began building her business—eventually reaching the level of Blue Diamond[i].


The happy glow of her success with Nu Skin suddenly dimmed, however, when her husband was diagnosed with a very serious terminal illness. Undaunted, the woman moved with him and their son to a San Francisco apartment so her husband could receive the lung transplant he needed. As her husband recovered, the woman’s Nu Skin business continued to provide for them. Then adversity hit again: She was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy treatments.


Focus on the Positive—Not the Negative


For many, such double adversity would stop them in their tracks, or cause them to lose their positive attitude—and gratitude. That is definitely not the case for this woman, because she loves talking about the positive impact the business has made in her life, and she never focuses on the challenges she and her family have had to face. She chooses to accentuate the good things she has experienced, like the fact that her son now attends Harvard University.


“Her story is great because she really exemplifies the power of a positive attitude,” says Scott. “She held meetings when her entire world was crashing down around her. She put on a wig and just kept doing the meetings. That’s a real testament to who she is.”


Her story also shows the familial touch of the Nu Skin culture. This distributor received considerable support from her sponsor and team during these challenges. Through it all, she has never let on that something is not going quite right in her life. And, according to Scott, she never quits, never gives up, and never succumbs to the problems she is facing.


“There are few people who have suffered as much adversity as she has,” says 
Scott. "But she will tell you the greatest joy in her business is that she’s been 
sustained in her time of need by Nu Skin, and we’ve been there. Her upline’s 
been there. Her team’s been there. For her, it is just the magic of Nu Skin.”
                                  —Scott Schwerdt, President, Nu Skin Americas Region




Prior to his current position, Scott served as president of the former Nu Skin Americas, Europe, and Pacific Region and president of North America for Nu Skin Enterprises. He also served as vice president of North America/South Pacific Operations from 1992-1996, and as vice president of Europe for Nu Skin Enterprises from February 1996 to December 1998. He joined Nu Skin Enterprises in 1988 as a communications representative and in December 1989 became director of Distributor Services.


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