Powerful Stories from Malawi

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Powerful Stories from Malawi


Over the past few years, a number of special children have been highlighted in the quarterly destination reports found on www.NourishTheChildren.com. During our latest trip to Malawi, we had the opportunity to visit the Agape Earth Angels Orphanage and check on the progress of some of these children. It was inspiring to see all the progress that these children have made since we had last seen them.




Back in 2007, three-month-old Taylea was found with her dying mother in a small, dirty room behind a local motel near Lilongwe, Malawi. Her father and two siblings had just died and her mother was seriously ill with TB, AIDS, and malnutrition. Taylea, weighing just two pounds, also had TB and AIDS.


After her mother died, Taylea was taken to Dianne Block of the Earth Angels Care Center. Unable to suckle, Taylea was nursed back to health with VitaMeal that had been watered down and fed with an eyedropper. Soon, Taylea regained her strength and began to thrive.


Now, Taylea is healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. She is learning English and Chichewa and receives monthly treatments for HIV and TB. Taylea is known for her infectious laugh and is often found playing with other children, singing dancing and swinging in the garden.


Teresa, Emma and Ramona

Three Sisters

Teresa, Emma and Ramona were found along a village road near Lilongwe, Malawi back in 2007. The three sisters were begging for food with their older brother because their parents had died recently from AIDs. Eight-year-old Teresa looked like a walking skeleton and had nine-month-old Ramona carefully tied on her back and two-year-old Emma grasping her hand. Emma’s hair was red from malnutrition. Baby Ramona, weighing only three pounds, was unconscious, malnourished, and very sick. Teresa had tried her very best to feed her two younger sisters but just could not do enough.


Dianne Block of the Earth Angel’s Care Center went to the village chief and asked permission to take care of the children so they could be given nutritious food and medical care. After much persuasion, the three girls were given over to Dianne’s care. Their brother, being much healthier and old enough to work, was kept in the village.

After arriving to the care center, Dianne did not think baby Ramona would live longer than a few hours. She decided to wash her little body so that she would be neat and clean for her burial. After cleaning her, Diane noticed that Ramona began to stir. Quickly, Dianne grabbed an eyedropper and began feeding Ramona watered down VitaMeal. Before long, Ramona regained her strength and health.


Today, Ramona is a typical, playful three-year-old and five-year-old Emma is bubbly, healthy and loved her first year of school. Teresa is a healthy, happy 11-year-old and recently decided that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up so she can help sick people.


VitaMeal has given these sisters a second chance at life and all three girls have recently tested negative for AIDS and TB.


These kids and many, many more are alive today because of your generous VitaMeal donations. Thank you for your kindness. You are literarily saving lives.