Pharmanex Products Help Two Athletes Run Coast to Coast

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Pharmanex Products Help Two Athletes Run Coast to Coast


Most people wouldn’t dream of running across their county, much less the entire country but beginning this month two Pharmanex-sponsored runners will be doing just that. And don’t think they are doing it just for bragging rights either. One is running to build recognition for the fallen soldiers in Iraq and another is running to help raise money for orphans around the world.


Lisa Smith-Batchen has been a Pharmanex-sponsored athlete for several years and has competed in some of the most challenging runs in the world.

Lisa has set the woman’s record in “the world’s toughest footrace,” the Badwater Ultramarathon, where she ran 135 miles through Death Valley where temperatures easily reach up to 130 degrees. She is one of the few women to have competed in the Death Valley 300 and also was the first American to win the Marathon Des Sables, a 151-mile endurance race in the Sahara Desert. Her accomplishments have been featured in the New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, and Runner’s World.

To cope with the toll this amount of running takes on her body, Lisa takes LifePak Nano, g3, CordyMax, OverDrive and Tegreen 97.

On Monday, Lisa became the first person to attempt to run 50 miles in each of the 50 states within a two month period. Called Running Hope Through America, the project will raise funds for orphans around the world. To learn more about this project, visit


Mike Ehredt, an Army Veteran and postal clerk from Idaho, is also a very experienced ultra-marathon runner. He has competed in a 250-mile trans-Himalayan run in Nepal, a six-day race across the Sahara and has finished numerous 100-mile races throughout the northwest.

Mike's favorite Pharmanex products include LifePak Nano, CordyMax, and Cartilage Formula.

Beginning in May, Mike will be running more than 4,300 miles across the United States to honor the fallen men and women of the Iraq War. At every mile mark during the run, Mike will place on the side of the road an American Flag with the name of a fallen soldier written on it. To learn more about his project, visit