Overcoming Challenges is a Step Toward Success

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Overcoming Challenges is a Step Toward Success

Many people will tell you that the most rewarding success is success that is the result of hard work and overcoming challenges. And accomplished Nu Skin distributors will tell you that reaching a top level within the company also requires never losing sight of your dream, retaining a strong commitment to your goals and belief in your ability to reach those goals, creating and following through on an action plan, and leading others as you travel your journey.


Brett Nelson, Vice President of Global Market Services, has a long history with Nu Skin, and over the years he’s watched people climb from the bottom to the top. He’s heard their dreams, witnessed their struggles, and been able to offer support as they have surpassed challenge after challenge to finally reach their goal.


One individual Brett thinks about when he considers what it takes to be a successful Nu Skin distributor is a man who pursued his dream relentlessly, even though his initial efforts were packed with difficulties. By putting each facet of The Success Formula to work for him, this distributor eventually managed to fulfill his vision of success.


“He traveled around the world trying to build an organization even though he didn’t have any money,” says Brett. “He couldn’t stay in hotels, so he’d crash in people’s apartments or he would sleep in parks.” At times, Brett says, the man would even call him in the early morning hours to say he wanted to quit and give up. “He thought he could never make it happen,” adds Brett. However, the man had a vision for himself and his family, and he never lost sight of that dream. In time, the man did make it happen—in a big way—by qualifying as a Team Elite Executive[i].


How You View a Situation Can Make All the Difference


Brett Nelson 2-1


In addition to being inspired by distributors, Brett has also learned from them. In recent years, the economy has taken its toll on people throughout the world. For some, this situation has created negative thinking and perceived challenges when it comes to building a successful business. For others, however, now is the time to act. “I recently met with one of our new Blue Diamonds here in the United States, and one of her comments to me was, ‘I don’t know what everybody’s talking about…I don’t understand why they’re saying this is so hard right now. This is the greatest time in the world!’” says Brett.


This woman met her newest Gold Executive (who continues to advance in title) when he hit a golf ball through her window. She told Brett that there are people everywhere who need what Nu Skin has to offer. The critical part is talking to these people to determine what they need in their lives. When an economy is offering uncertainty in the job market or in people’s personal finances, a business model like Nu Skin’s could be the perfect complement to enhancing people’s lives—and dreams.


          “When I look at the people who overcome failures in this business…who 
           overcome problems, the one thing they have in common is they’ve never
           forgotten what brought them into the business in the first place. They 
           had an ultimate goal, an ultimate ‘why,’ an ultimate belief, and they kept 
           their focus on that.”
                                   —Brett Nelson, Vice President of Global Market Services



Brett Nelson was formerly President of the Nu Skin North America Region, and prior to his current position, fulfilled a two-year appointment as the President of the North Asia Region while concurrently serving as the President of Nu Skin Japan.  With nearly 20 years experience with the company, Brett has extensive knowledge of the development of business strategies, representative relations, special events and global support, and has helped to develop several new and established markets.