On the Rise: The Global Wellness Industry

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On the Rise: The Global Wellness Industry



While the world population grows older and costs of healthcare continue to rise, the wellness industry is growing at record levels and is projected to expand at a faster rate.  

Now more than ever, consumers are searching for products that will help them feel healthier, reduce the effects of aging, and boost their immune system. According to SRI International, an independent, nonprofit research institute, the global wellness industry will soon cross the $2 trillion mark.  

According to the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine, this global trend will be an incredible business opportunity for those who see the signs.

“The biggest opportunity of the 21st century has just begun, offering never-before-seen ways of building wealth through promoting health. Stake your claim in the coming natural health and wellness revolution!”

With innovative products like LifePak Nano and the soon-to-be-released ageLOC nutritional supplement, Nu Skin has positioned itself as a leader in the expanding wellness industry.

According to Joe Chang, Nu Skin’s chief scientific officer, the company is only beginning to scratch the surface of its potential.

“While we see our 2010 product as a very important introduction to nutritional supplements for anti-aging science, we already have an exciting product approach lined up for 2011 to more comprehensively address aging concerns,” said Chang. “With our unique ageLOC approach of targeting the ultimate sources of aging, Nu Skin is positioned as a premier anti-aging company and we are ready to use our proprietary anti-aging science to generate innovative products for years to come.”