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On Location

Thousands of Children Fed on Malawi Soccer Field


Today is my last day with our Korean leaders. I am never quite sure why I am always assigned to the van transporting the female TE leaders while Luke Yoo accompanies the male leaders. I take that as a compliment but I suspect it is to make sure that our Malawian chauffeur doesn’t get overwhelmed and sign up as a Korean distributor. We are not open for business yet in this market.


As a gesture to the World Cup, today we distributed VitaMeals to between 1,000 and 2,000 kids in a football (soccer to you guys) field. What a sight to watch so many kids receiving a bag of VitaMeal. Some have trekked more than 10 miles just to receive this bag of food. It certainly brings home the reality that there is indeed significant hunger in this country of small villages. It takes a village to raise a child but it takes VitaMeal to feed a village child. It doesn’t help that HIV is a pandemic in Malawi and one can only hope that proper nutrition will help such kids to live longer.


On a final note, I am optimistic that this country will improve over time. Malawians are some of the most joyous people in the world and I believe that with a little assistance, this country will emerge and shine under the African sky.