Nu Skin Welcomes Local Inspiration, Deni Hill

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Nu Skin Welcomes Local Inspiration, Deni Hill

Biggest Loser at-home winner challenged the Nu Skin Family to start their weight loss journey today!

Deni Hill

Today Nu Skin welcomed Deni Hill, the recent winner of The Biggest Loser at-home challenge, for a special brown bag seminar and asked her to share some tips on how to live healthier.  Deni’s words were inspiring and all who were in attendance walked away with this theme in their heads; “Start any time you’d like.  It’s never too late!”


After the seminar, we had an opportunity to sit down with Deni to ask her a few questions.


Why did you choose to come here today to share your story with the Nu Skin family?


“First and foremost, Nu Skin has done so much for me.  Their products really work, and the results are tremendous!  I figured that I could come and share my story and encourage others on their journey to losing their unwanted weight.  Secondly, the topic of weight loss is something that we can all relate to.”


You briefly just mentioned that Nu Skin has done a lot for you.  What did you mean by this, and what sparked your curiosity to check our wonderful company out?


“At first, I wanted nothing to do with Nu Skin.  When my daughter and son–in-law first approached me, I cringed at the possibility of being a part of another MLM.  I had personally been involved with several direct selling companies in the past, but my experiences were less than joyous.  However, my daughter was persistent, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to just check it out. 


My exposure to Nu Skin was slow and steady but with each new product I tried, I saw immediate results.  My love for this company has only grown since then, and I am proud to say that I love everything about Nu Skin and their products.  Why?  Here’s the bottom line – THE PRODUCTS WORK!  They are scientifically supported by a team of well-known scientists.”


What products are you currently using?


“Everything!  As impossible as it sounds, I try to use every product I can!  However, if you want the short list, here it is.  I am currently using Tegreen, Lifepak Nano, Vitality, several of the Epoch products, Dermatic Effects, the ageLOC Galvanic Spa with the gels and Body Shaping Gels, and ageLOC future Serum.  I know I am missing a bunch, but I think that list will suffice for now.”


You said you take Vitality on a daily basis.  Describe how it makes you feel.


“I love Vitality!  It makes me feel young again and I take it every day as recommended.  I am actually afraid of what will happen if I DON’T take it.  It allows me to keep up with grandchildren.  It gives me the energy I need to keep up with my busy schedule.  There is no doubt in my mind that this product truly works and my family and friends can see the positive effects as well!”


What would be your advice for someone trying to lose weight and what would you tell someone who  is facing trials or  setbacks?


“My answer to that is simple.  There is no secret!  Weight loss is one of the few challenges in life where the basics work.  Losing weight is all about managing your calories coming in to your body and those leaving your body.  It’s a simple concept!  Eat fewer calories than you burn in one day, and your weight loss journey will be well on its way.


The one thing that I learned by being on The Biggest Loser is that you can never give up or else you will lose everything, every time!  Team work is the key to most situations.  You will be surprise what the tiniest support system will do for you.  I don’t think I would have been able to get through my experiences on The Biggest Loser if I didn’t have my daughter and friends supporting me every step of the way!  In fact, a fellow competitor on the show told me this…”It’s not about giving up; it’s about digging in and working harder.”  I have made this simple saying my personal motto!”