Nu Skin Teaming Up to Race Against Poverty

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Nu Skin Teaming Up to Race Against Poverty

EMEA Distributors and Employees ran a total of 52,834 kilometers

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Employees and distributors of Nu Skin Europe Middle East and Africa teamed up and ran more than 52,000 kilometers to raise money for the Mtalimanja Village in Malawi, Africa.


From Nov. 1, 2010 to Jan. 16, 2011, 407 Nu Skin employees and distributors ran a total of 52,834 kilometers. Each kilometer ran by a Nu Skin EMEA employee or distributor counted toward the achievement of a specific goal to finance a project for the Force For Good Foundation Build a Village initiative.


“Run for Malawi brought our employees and distributors together in an effort to serve Malawi children, while at the same time challenging each employee and distributor to lead a healthier life,” said Patricia Lopes, product manager for Nu Skin – EMEA and one of the organizers for the event. “We at Nu Skin EMEA feel service is an important aspect of our job.”


Through their efforts, participants met all six targets and were able to secure the following donations to the Mtalimanja Village from Nu Skin Enterprises – EMEA:


· Target 1 (2,000 km): Library books

· Target 2 (4,000 km): 20 chickens for village families

· Target 3 (10,000 km): Treadle irrigation pump

· Target 4 (20,000 km): One-year scholarship for a secondary student

· Target 5 (30,000 km): Village well and pump

· Target 6 (40,000 km): Playground for Mtalimanja Daycare Center


“For me it was never a question of whether to participate or not,” said Divéky Anna, a Nu Skin EMEA distributor. “If I can help in this way, every kilometer of running is a joy.”


On April 1, 2011 details for the next leg of the race to eradicate poverty will be announced. The Miles for Smiles Challenge is challenging Nu Skin EMEA employees and distributors to run 100,000 kilometers to aid the TOUCH project, which supports Ukrainian orphans from the negative influences of poverty. Nu Skin launched in the Ukraine in November 2010.


“The Run for Malawi Challenge was an extraordinary opportunity to be a force for good, to build community and to improve my own health,” said Dr. Divéky Gábor, a Nu Skin EMEA distributor.   


More information about Miles for Smiles can be found at: