Nu Skin’s Six Competitive Advantages

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Nu Skin’s Six Competitive Advantages


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Nu Skin has identified six exclusive areas that set us apart from the competition and we call them the ageLOC ‘six-A advantage.’ Over the past few weeks, we’ve been explaining in detail each advantage. This article will specifically focus on advantage number six: Nu Skin’s “array of expertise.”


Nu Skin boasts a staff of more than 75 in-house pharmacologists, cell biologists, nutritionists, chemists and dermatologists. This group of highly talented and well respected scientists come together often in the Nu Skin Enterprises Center for Anti-Aging Research to collaborate and develop superior anti-aging personal care and nutritional products.


“You cannot just have one type of scientist,” said Joe Chang, Nu Skin Chief Scientific Officer. “You have to have an array of experts from different fields of study to understand the holistic approach to anti-aging. That is our sixth advantage.”


Over the years, Nu Skin has partnered with scientific institutions and scientists, such as members of the Nu Skin Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board, to research and develop cutting-edge products and technologies. Recently, Nu Skin developed an exclusive partnership with the founders of LifeGen Technologies, Dr. Richard Weindruch and Dr. Tomas Prolla.


Through our exclusive partnership with LifeGen Technologies, we have access to more than 30 years of research into the genetic basis of aging.


“I’d like to pay tribute to our scientists,” said Chang. “We have an array of scientific expertise that allows us to be known as a world class science-based company. Our scientists truly represent our ability to transform science into products that are meaningful.”


Watch the video below to learn more about Nu Skin’s exclusive partnership with LifeGen Technologies.