Nu Skin’s Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board Holds Annual Meeting

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Nu Skin’s Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board Holds Annual Meeting


SAB meeting

In their annual meeting, members of Nu Skin’s Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory board recently met in Salt Lake City to discuss new and innovative ideas for the company and its nutritional products.


Since 1998, the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has brought together the top minds in aging, genetics, developmental biology, dermatology, chemistry, pharmacognosy and nutrition. These highly distinguished scientific advisors come from top research and learning institutions around the world and share their knowledge and experience with Nu Skin to help keep the company at the forefront of scientific knowledge and product development.


Mark Bartlett

“Today, science moves at a rapid pace,” said Dr. Mark Bartlett, Vice President of Global Research and Development. “Our SAB members help us to stay on top of the latest developments so that we can apply them to our anti-aging approach and make a difference in people’s lives.”


In this year’s meeting, Dr. Mark Bartlett and Dr. Joe Chang presented new ageLOC developments and Youth Gene Clusters findings. Key Nu Skin scientists presented research on ageLOC Vitality, and research plans for future ageLOC products. Members of the SAB, including Dr. Carl Djerassi, Dr. Lester Packer and Dr. Lester Mitscher, also presented and discussed new scientific insights that will further bolster Nu Skin’s approach to anti-aging and provide innovative opportunities for ongoing collaboration.


Dr. Lester Packer, a long-time member of the Scientific Advisory Board, explained at the recent meeting why he enjoyed attending the annual SAB event. 


“When you bring all these experts together from different scientific backgrounds, you can get new ideas that help move science forward at a faster rate,” said Packer. “I have enjoyed coming together with various disciplines to create new ideas and then move forward with them.”


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