Force for Good Foundation Grant Rebuilds School in Haiti

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Force for Good Foundation Grant Rebuilds School in Haiti



Before the devastating earthquake in Haiti earlier this year, the 47 nuns and teachers at St. Francois de Sales Primary and Secondary School worked hard to give their 11,000 students an education, food and much needed healthcare. Their three-story school building which sat on top of a prominent hill in Port-au Prince had classrooms neatly filled with benches, chalkboards and desks.


According to witnesses, when the earthquake hit, the main school building quickly collapsed. It was the only structure in the area to have been completely destroyed and was among the worst collapsed buildings in the city. Tragically, 152 children and 10 adults died in the devastation.



The surviving students, teachers and nuns now meet in large tents so the students can finish out the rest of their school year.


The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation recently answered their call for help by granting $90,000 to help clear the wreckage and rebuild a new school building.


The project will begin this year and should be finished by the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year.


Thank you for your continued support of the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. Your contributions make it possible to support projects like this that improve the lives of children around the world.