Nu Skin's Team Elites Return from the City of Light

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Nu Skin's Team Elites Return from the City of Light


Our week with Team Elite in Paris was nothing short of incredible! The romance and charm of The City of Light was evident at every turn. Our Team Elite truly got a taste of this breathtaking city, from the accommodations at La Grand Hotel located next to the historic Paris Opera, to the tours of the Eiffel Tower and the Chateau de Chantilly.  


The week began for our Team Elite with business meetings where the vision, strengths and values of Nu Skin were outlined. Each Team Elite member was inspired with a renewed commitment to achieving our goals.


Individual Team Elite members were recognized for their success in each meeting. They were rewarded by exclusive opportunities found only in Paris. The 4 Star Team Elite Platinum members were rewarded by being taken to the Cartier Boutique to shop with Blake, Steve and Sandy. However, the greatest gift was to hear the secrets of the most successful global distributors, which motivated everyone to pursue their same level of success.


Highlights of the trip included the Seine River Cruise, Team Elite regions witnessed the charms of the city while enjoying a gourmet meal on luxurious boats; Team Elite members shared an exclusive moment with some of the most famous art work in the world, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus De Milo at the private tour of the Louvre; and lastly, the week was capped off with an exclusive evening at the Chateau at Versailles. Team Elite members were accommodated in the Orangery for the gala dinner and recognition of Team Elite Platinum executives. Team Elite members also had exclusive access to tour the Chateau and Versailles. The night was just like a ball that might have been hosted by Mary Antoinette or King Louis XVI, a fitting end to the week with our Nu Skin royalty.  


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