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nsemindset.com - Turning Believers into Doers!

Success Formula

What turns a dreamer into a doer? What core principles do they incorporate to stay motivated to accomplish their goals? Four years ago, the Nu Skin founders set out to discover the secret of success for distributors who consistently accomplished their goals and succeeded in this business.


What they found was that the most important element of success is a person’s attitude and mindset. Successful individuals:




Dream of what they want

Set clear, attainable goals

Believe in their ability

Take focused action

Lead by inspiring others to succeed


The result of the founders’ research is The Success Formula, Nu Skin's exclusive and unique mindset-training program that will encourage you to adopt a success-driven attitude and hone your goal-setting skills to achieve success. The newest component of The Success Formula, The Key Success Drivers, focuses on the five core elements of success—Dream, Set Goals, Believe, Take Action, and Lead—that will catapult you to success in your business and personal life.


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