North Asian Distributors Visit Malawi

North Asian Distributors Visit Malawi


Recently, North Asia distributor leaders and North Asia management experienced a life-changing trip to Malawi, Africa. They witnessed first-hand the enormous impact of Nourish the Children and the Force for Good Foundation in the lives of the Malawian people.


“We showed Force for Good Leaders from Japan and Korea our life-saving contributions in Malawi,” said Courtland Pearson, director of market services, North Asia. “They were deeply impressed and very proud to be associated with such a wonderful company. The leaders committed to return home and share their experiences and our efforts in order to further increase our contribution to Malawi and the inspirational Malawian people.”


On the first day of the trip, participants joined Napoleon Dzombe, a humanitarian partner with the Nu Skin Force for Good foundation, to distribute VitaMeal to more than 2,000 needy Malawian children. Afterwards, the group went to the VitaMeal Factory to see how VitaMeal is made. The Distributors enjoyed helping the factory workers make the VitaMeal as well.


On the second day, the distributors went to the Mtalimanja Village. This village was built by the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation and is home to the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI). The participants toured the village and saw the daily activities of the students attending SAFI. Distributors saw first-hand how the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation is finding long-term solutions to hunger in Malawi through SAFI.


The SAFI families gave the visitors hand-made bead necklaces to represent their gratitude. Some distributors said that the necklace was the most meaningful gift they had ever received.


On the third day of the trip, distributors spent time with local children and families at Community Based Charity Centers. CBCCs support thousands of small children and provide them with nourishing VitaMeal every day. Distributors played with the children, gave them toys and made them VitaMeal.​


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