Chinese Mushroom Improves Youthful Genetic Expression

Chinese Mushroom Improves Youthful Genetic Expression

New Studies Show Significant Anti-Aging Benefits of Cordyceps


New research from Nu Skin and our research partner LifeGen Technologies reveals specific anti-aging properties of Cordyceps sinensis (Cs-4), a mushroom traditionally believed to be an anti-aging herb in China. One investigation demonstrates Cs-4’s ability to combat age-related changes in gene expression in muscle and brain tissue. Two additional laboratory studies identify Cs-4’s positive impact on healthy lifespan due to overall positive benefits on energy metabolism, fatigue and endurance as identified in previous studies.


“We’re making great breakthroughs in gene expression science that have application in the fields of health and longevity,” said Joe Chang, Ph.D., Nu Skin chief scientific officer and executive vice president of product development. “These studies with our research partner LifeGen Technologies help validate the critical role gene expression modulation plays in the aging process. We believe that the future of anti-aging is in developing consumer solutions that support youthful gene expression.


“Because one of the earliest manifestations of human aging is a decline in vitality that begins as early as 30 years of age, we are targeting youth gene clusters that affect cellular mitochondria – the energy factories of the cells. Ingredients such as Cordyceps are shown to reset these genes to behave in a more youthful expression pattern,” continued Chang.


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