Magazine Highlights Nu Skin’s Anti-Aging Approach

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Magazine Highlights Nu Skin’s Anti-Aging Approach


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In addition to being listed in its annual Top 50 list, Nu Skin was highlighted in the July issue of Happi, an industry magazine focused on personal care products, for its unique ability address aging with both its skin care and nutritional product lines.


Mark Bartlett, vice president of Pharmanex research and development, was interviewed in the article and explained the benefits of having a balanced approach to fight aging.


“Nu Skin has always maintained that the source of beautiful, youthful skin is as much from within as from outside influences on the body. How we treat our skin, and how we treat our bodies with respect to our nutritional regimen, can have a dramatic impact on our individual gene expression signature. We have capitalized on this science to help guide our product development.”


Bartlett added that Nu Skin’s comprehensive anti-aging approach will now be reflected in its ageLOC product line.


"The new paradigm is that we should develop both of our brands of products with consideration of their effects on gene expression for a youthful state,” Bartlett continued. “Our ageLOC skin care system launched last October addresses a key aging concern, the visible signs of aging on skin. Similarly, the ageLOC supplement due for launch this October, ageLOC Vitality, is designed to address another key concern of aging.”


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