Like Our Facebook Page, Feed a Child

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Like Our Facebook Page, Feed a Child

2012 vitameal promotion

To embrace the Force For Good spirit of the holidays, Nu Skin will donate one VitaMeal for every new person who “likes” the corporate fan page at*


Since its inception in 2010, Nu Skin’s corporate fan page boasts the latest and greatest content, photos and videos created by the company.  With fresh content and questions posted daily, this engaging and active community will help you gain a greater knowledge of Nu Skin’s people, products, culture and opportunity.


So pass along the great news and don’t be shy!  This promotion is a great opportunity for you to share Nu Skin’s unique culture with your friends and family. How simply can it get?  Like our Facebook page, feed a malnourished child!  What a wonderful feeling!


If you are not a fan of our page, go to and like the page.  Then, encourage your friends to do the same!


For more information about Nu Skin, please click here.


For more information about Nu Skin’s Force For Good Foundation, click here.


*This promotion will run from today, November 22nd, 2011, to January 15th, 2012 or earlier if the fan page reaches 50,000 fans.