Launch of Vitality Featured in Happi

Launch of Vitality Featured in Happi



Nu Skin’s launch of ageLOC Vitality was recognized recently on, the online version of the monthly magazine that covers the personal care industry.


In the article, Truman Hunt shared his thoughts on the product’s release.


"With the blockbuster success of the ageLOC Transformation skin care system, we are continuing to build the ageLOC platform by taking the battle against aging 'inside,'" said Truman Hunt, Nu Skin president and chief executive officer. "It is particularly encouraging to see our sales leaders responding so positively to ageLOC Vitality and the business opportunity it represents."

Joe Chang was also quoted in the article and briefly explained the science behind the new product.


"The key source of youthful vitality is found in mitochondria, which are most highly concentrated in the brain, heart and muscle," said Dr. Joseph Chang, Ph.D., Nu Skin chief scientific officer and executive vice president of product development. "As we age, the efficiency and number of our mitochondria decline. Nu Skin's ageLOC approach targets genes related to mitochondrial function and vitality to promote a more youthful expression pattern."


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