Joe Chang Presses On - It's All in Your Genes

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Joe Chang Presses On - It's All in Your Genes

joe chang interview


Malaysia’s New Straits Times newspaper recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Dr. Joe Chang, Nu Skin’s chief scientific officer. In the interview Dr. Chang discussed his path to creating health supplements and his life-long goal to create supplements that would help slow the aging process.


“It’s all about our genes,” Chang said. “There’s no need to go looking for the fountain of youth or Eldorado. Just look inside yourself. There’s no such thing as bad genes. In general genes are good. It’s how they behave that’s bad. And this is entirely dependent on our lifestyle like smoking, overeating and stress, and environment.”


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The New Straits Times

The New Straits Times is Malaysia’s oldest newspaper, having been in operation since 1845. The English language newspaper has a circulation of approximately 200,000.