Insights from Clara McDermott

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Insights from Clara McDermott

“There Are Many People Out There Who Need You”


A few days ago, the new Blue Diamonds from North America had the privilege to hear from one of Nu Skin’s first distributors, Clara McDermott, at her estate in St. George, Utah. Everyone there had deep respect for what Clara has done in the company and they were anxious to hear what stories and wisdom she had to share with the company’s newest Blue Diamonds. 


Many did not expect what Clara focused on in her presentation. She began by saying, “There are many people out there who need you, and you have the capacity to help them and to save them.” Throughout her message, Clara reminded everyone present about what Nu Skin is all about. For many of our new Blue Diamonds, Clara’s message was an emphatic call to action: Nourish the children.

After leaving Clara and Jim’s beautiful home, we asked several Blue Diamonds “How important is Nourish the Children to your business, and what does NTC mean to you personally?” 


Blue Diamonds Rob and Christine Nagato-Needlemen, who represent Aruna Ki LLC, were quick to respond. Rob stated that NTC was of the “utmost importance” to their business and said, “Giving back, feeding the world’s children and putting smiles on children’s faces are some of our biggest reasons for doing this business. Our Nu Skin business and our NTC business are inseparable.” 


Rob’s wife, Christine, added, “Aruna Ki LLC’s initial goal with respect to NTC was 500 bags (15,000 meals) of VitaMeal per month. Over the next three months, our goal is 1,000 bags (30,000 meals) of VitaMeal per month.” 


We then asked the new Blue Diamonds to share their personal vision regarding NTC. Christine said, “Our vision is to end world hunger. We see the end of world hunger as one of the main instruments in establishing peace on Earth, and it is wonderful to know that this is not only our vision but Nu Skin’s vision as well.” 


Michelle Choi, a new Blue Diamond from California, then joined the discussion. She said, “Nourish the Children is a blessing. I started my $100 ADR several years ago and I have taught my group to do the same. Together we can improve the lives of children all over the world.” 


After the meeting, Rob, Christine and Michelle called key leaders in their organizations to share what Clara had taught them that afternoon. They emphasized how everyone has the capacity and responsibility to save lives through the Nourish the Children initiative.