In the Spotlight: John and Sue Oldham

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In the Spotlight: John and Sue Oldham



For John and Sue Oldham, their experiences and success with Nu Skin has been like a dream.

“You know, there’s mornings where I really feel like I have to pinch myself,” said Sue. “We’ve experienced tremendous success with this company.”


Sue, who has a background in nursing, introduced the opportunity of network marketing to John, who worked in public education for nearly 30 years.


After the couple learned about Nu Skin and its exclusive business opportunity, they felt the timing was right and quickly began building their business.


“The company’s amazing. The science is great and the culture is great,” said John. “Nu Skin means to us, personally, an opportunity to create time freedom and financial freedom for ourselves at the present time and for our family in the future and future generations.”


Sue loves Nu Skin because she feels that there are no boundaries or limits to what they can achieve as a couple.


“There’s no lid on what you can do and I think that as we become as strong and committed to the industry and to Nu Skin then we are going to attract more very good people to this business, and that’s what we want,” Sue added.


With the Oldhams experience in the public education and nursing forums, they have continued to show that Nu Skin is an opportunity that can reach all backgrounds and people.


“I think anybody can do the business,” John said. “I think what’s most important is that they have a strong purpose and passion to do it.”