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In the Spotlight



When the Needlemans joined Nu Skin as full-time distributors, they chose to build their new business around the simple goal of becoming a positive difference in the world.


Part of a five-person distributorship called Aruna Ki LLC, Rob and Christine are thankful their partners share the same vision.


“We all have a common ‘why’ in terms of being a force for good in the world,” said Rob.


Christine also appreciates the support they receive from Nu Skin’s culture of giving.


“This company offers a chance to become a much better person and to help and to share that with others,” Christine said. “To me, that is something that money can’t buy.”


Residents of Ashland, Oregon, the couple has had their share of obstacles along the way. But through long, hard work and by focusing on their dream, they’ve been able to build a successful business and enjoy the resulting success.


“We keep focusing on our goals,” Rob said. “We have financial goals, but we have much bigger goals of making a huge difference in the world. That drives us in those tougher times or when there are obstacles. “


While the Needlemans have enjoyed reaching their goals, they have found even more joy in helping others reach their full potential and achieve business success.


“It has been very fun to watch people empower themselves and see breakthroughs in their own journey,” Rob said.