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In the Spotlight

Lin Xie: “I Never Thought I’d Do This Full-Time”


When Lin Xie first tried some Nu Skin products, she was surprised at how much she liked them and how healthy she felt. Lin, a real estate agent in Atlanta at the time, quickly recognized the potential of targeting the large market of people who, like her, were searching for the tools to promote healthy lifestyles.  

After learning more about Nu Skin’s compensation plan and the company’s business opportunities, Lin decided to become a part-time distributor.

Soon, Lin’s Nu Skin business had grown large enough that she was forced to choose between her successful real estate agency and her budding Nu Skin career. Ultimately, Lin chose what made her feel more fulfilled with life and happy: Nu Skin.

“I never thought I would do this as a full-time job,” she said. “But a half a year later I was thinking about what I’ve been through and thinking about Nu Skin. I was really much happier, so at that point I just decided to do it full-time.”

Since making her decision, Lin has dedicated all of her attention to building her business. Her hard work recently paid off when she attended the Blue Diamond* trip with her family.

“I brought my whole family on this trip,” she added. “So, I’m happy, and they are so happy too.”

As her business continues to grow, Lin feels that now is the best time to start a Nu Skin business and knows that the company will help support anyone who wants to succeed.

“I keep telling all my people on my team that you just don’t know how lucky you are,” she said. 

*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or go to or