In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight



Six years ago, Stephen Moore felt like he was drowning in student loans and classes as he studied to become a chiropractor.


After being introduced to the Nu Skin opportunity and learning that he could work full-time and still enjoy the extra family time he needed, Stephen was sold.


“I realized that this was a much better opportunity than going into practice,” he said.


At first, Stephen’s family wasn’t exactly thrilled at his unexpected career decision. But now, they fully support him as they’ve recently seen him become a Blue Diamond Executive* and expand his Nu Skin business around the world – supporting a lifestyle that provides plenty of free time for family.


Before finding Nu Skin, Stephen searched for a company that satisfied his list of strict requirements. His future company needed to be worthy of his trust, have a long and respected track record, and be managed in a professional manner.


“One of the most important things to me was that the company would never embarrass me,” he said. “When I decided to do this full-time, instead of practicing as a chiropractor, I wanted to make sure that this company would be around to support my family and me for the rest of our lives.”


The innovative Biophotonic Scanner was another reason Stephen was drawn to Nu Skin. 


“It teaches people to take a more proactive approach to their health,” he said.


Stephen’s desire to help others improve their lives and be more proactive in their personal health has been a major force in his success with Nu Skin.


“I’ve always wanted to help people improve their health,” he said. “It’s not just about being successful financially; it’s about doing something significant.”


Stephen feels that the advent of innovative ageLOC products provides another significant opportunity to help others.


“It’s something that everybody can relate to because everybody wants to fight and slow down the aging process,” he said. “It also gives us a very exclusive, competitive advantage in the marketplace.”


With a steady and growing downline, Stephen has proven that the Nu Skin opportunity is well worth a career change. He often tells those who work in his downline that the best thing to do is decide to do the Nu Skin business.


“Set a goal and just focus on it every single day,” he said. “If you focus on it, doors will open up that would have never opened up otherwise.”


* To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or go to