How Effective is Your Elevator Pitch?

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How Effective is Your Elevator Pitch?


It’s hard to believe that a successful initial business encounter comes down to an effective 30 second, to a minute, pitch called an elevator message. Within this tiny time slot, you have to efficiently tell someone who you are, what you are doing and why, and sell them on the idea that what you are doing is the greatest opportunity of all time!


In a recent article by Fox Business Small Business Center, it outlined three specific ways to help your elevator pitch stand out above the crowd.  Each idea, although simple on the surface, really targets the basic components of what a success pitch needs to include.


1.       Demonstrate how you are unique – How do you want the listener to remember you by? Demonstrate your difference and prove that your idea or opportunity is truly valuable.


2.       Convey your goals and enthusiasm – If you are not excited about what you are doing, why should anyone be inclined to care? Share with them your recent successes and make sure you are not being vague or unrealistic.


3.       Speak simply and clearly – There isn’t much time to share every detail with an individual during an elevator pitch.  This is a time to be clear and concise or else you will lose the audience’s attention. Using the right words speaks volumes about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. “The key to a well-executed elevator pitch is to trim out all the superfluous information and magnify the best you have to offer.”


These simple concepts aligned with Nu Skin’s goals and values, if applied correctly to your business, can help you succeed. To read the complete article, Click Here.


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