From Skepticism to Dreams Fulfilled

From Skepticism to Dreams Fulfilled

Steve Lund Skepticism

Many successful Nu Skin distributors will tell you that skepticism played a role when they first embarked on building a Nu Skin business. Either a friend or family member unfamiliar with direct selling expressed doubts about the person’s ability to become successful as a Nu Skin distributor or, in some cases, the distributor was the skeptic who eventually embraced the vision and went on to build a rewarding Nu Skin career. Nu Skin Vice Chairman of the Board Steve Lund points out two examples of such skepticism and their interesting results.


The first story involves a lawyer who, completely against his will, attended a Nu Skin meeting with his wife. In his profession, he was used to people fighting over the remains of dying businesses. As this attorney looked around at the people who were attending the Nu Skin meeting, he was impressed. Two things struck him that day: First, he thought the people attending the meeting were “cool, interesting people” and weren’t the type of individuals he expected to find at such a meeting. And second, these people were there to create something.  “They were building something where there was nothing,” Steve remembers the attorney telling him. Then the lawyer added, “That’s a noble venture.”


That meeting proved to be a powerful turning point for the lawyer. “He decided he wanted to be part of building something new,” Steve recalls. “He said, ‘This is so much more exciting than what I’ve been used to doing with my career, and I’ve started trying to figure out how to do this thing well.’” And, Steve adds, the attorney and his wife did learn, and they did very well as distributors.


A Challenge That Led to New Understanding

The second story Steve enjoys recounting involves a young Japanese woman and her father.  She quickly caught the Nu Skin vision and was enthusiastic about building a business. Her father, however, forbade her to get involved. He didn’t understand direct selling and how Nu Skin could provide his daughter the income and independent lifestyle she hoped to achieve. The daughter reminded him that he had always taught her to think for herself and not to reject things she knew nothing about. Therefore, she challenged her father to attend a Nu Skin meeting with her before passing judgment on the opportunity.


She was confident once he attended a business meeting, listened to those who had become successful, and witnessed firsthand Nu Skin’s power to improve lives through its products and business model, he would understand her excitement about enrolling as a distributor. Her father accepted her challenge, attended the meeting, and ultimately realized for himself what Nu Skin offered. He also saw how the opportunity was allowing his daughter to grow as a person. In fact, the “skeptic” soon became a successful distributor himself.


“He had this preconceived notion of what Nu Skin was, but once he learned about the company and the opportunity, his skepticism fell away. That was a sweet story to hear."

                                                                  —Steve Lund, Vice Chairman of the Board


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