Feeling Younger – More Than Just Drinking Energy Drinks

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Feeling Younger – More Than Just Drinking Energy Drinks


Energy drinks have been under the microscope lately as more news sources are reporting on the benefits and side effects they cause.  Research is finding that those who guzzle down energy drinks are more tired than before they started drinking them. This fact has led to multiple studies designed to search the true source of additional energy and specifically, which supplements actually provide extended energy that lasts throughout the entire day.


Caffeine is not the only source of lasting energy. As a world leader in the anti-aging industry, and with a focus on innovative products to enable individuals to look and feel younger, Nu Skin provides solutions to extended energy throughout the day.  The recently introduced ageLOC R² helps nourish the body, guard the body against aging, and helps replenish and sustain energy. (Source Below)


To learn more about ageLOC R² and Vitality active ingredients, Click Here.


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