Families in Malawi Become Self-Sufficient

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Families in Malawi Become Self-Sufficient


Malawi Farmer

In 2007, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation celebrated the dedication of Mtalimanja Village, home to the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI). In this village, farmers and their families are invited to come and be trained in farming, irrigation, nutrition, animal husbandry and fishing. Once they master their agricultural skills, the families return to their respective villages and teach these principles to others, including children, who can ensure that the ideals of self-sufficiency will last for generations.


Beginning in the fall of 2010, Nu Skin invited its independent sales distributors to sponsor scholarships for a family in Mtalimanja Village. This directed donation provides all of the supplies for a student family for the year including fertilizer, seed, educational materials and equipment, training and livestock. To recognize the generosity of those who have sponsored a scholarship, the Foundation posts the name or group name of the donor on the beneficiary’s house.


Some wonderful families who have already been sponsored include:


Malawi Family

Gabriel family

Damiano and Mayness Gabriel, along with their children, Eliza, Magnna, Brenda, and Ruben, come from Chisela Village. Prior to attending Mtalimanja Village, the Gabriels were not able to grow enough food to feed their family throughout the year. Their hope is to be able to grow enough for the family and extra to sell for additional income. “SAFI is a milestone for our family,” said Damiano. “We now can see future possibilities, especially for our children and their families.”



Chimbalame family

John and Liyana Chimbalame and their children, Gertrude, Secrete, and Chimwemwe, come from Bilahe Village.  Their hope for the future is to make farming a business and to become self-reliant through the techniques they learn at SAFI. They believe SAFI will improve their circumstances by helping them gain more knowledge of different ways of farming, raising livestock, nutrition, fishing, and irrigation.



Banda family

Evason and Sarafina Banda and their four children come from Chakhaza Village. The Bandas are looking forward to learning new technologies and information to help them become self-sufficient. Within the village, they have had the chance to use flush toilets, running water and electricity-- some things they have never experienced at home.  Through better agricultural skills, they believe they can provide sufficient food and a nice home for their family.   They also hope this opportunity will provide the means necessary to send their children to school.

There are many ways to help support Mtalimanja Village and the School of Agriculture for Family Independence. For more information, visit www.forceforgood.com.