Dr. Richard Weindruch - A Leader in Anti-Aging

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Dr. Richard Weindruch - A Leader in Anti-Aging


Richard Weindruch

At Nu Skin we have many world-class scientists helping us develop innovative products. Let us briefly introduce you to one who has been a leader in anti-aging research for decades.


For more than 35 years, Richard Weindruch, Ph.D., has been on the front lines of anti-aging research with an end goal of increasing the span of youth for all. His award-winning work has been recognized far and wide and his accomplishments and ground-breaking discoveries continue to pile up.


On October 22, 2009, Nu Skin signed a research agreement with LifeGen Technologies, a company co-founded by Weindruch, to combine research efforts and to keep Nu Skin at the forefront of the anti-aging industry. This partnership has proven to be mutually beneficial granting Nu Skin exclusive access to 30 years of genetic anti-aging research.  LifeGen gains access to Nu Skin’s broad expertise in more than 26 years of personal care and nutritional supplements product development.


With his entire career dedicated to the basic biology of aging, Dr. Weindruch is a prominent voice on Nu Skin’s Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board and he plays an important role in the development of innovative anti-aging products from Nu Skin.


prolla and weindruch

Most intriguing is Dr. Weindruch’s 26 years in Caloric Restriction (CR) research.  For more than 65 years, scientists have hypothesized that if a restricted calorie intake was properly executed, then the longevity of life would significantly increase. Through systematically conducted studies on mice and primates, Weindruch and his team have patiently watched as the calorically-restricted subjects, not only lived longer than the control group, but also showed significant signs of increased energy and youthfulness. As Weindruch continues to advance in this field, his results have opened the flood gates of knowledge on aging and the multiple genes directly associated with the aging process.

These findings, coupled with the scientific expertise of Nu Skin’s team and Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board, lay the groundwork for ongoing anti-aging product innovation with the company’s anti-aging science.  As time moves forward, Nu Skin and Dr. Weindruch will work side-by-side to provide innovative products to help people live younger longer.      

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