Do Happier People Live Longer?

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Do Happier People Live Longer?

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Have you ever heard the saying “Be happy, live longer?”  Is it really that simple?  Is happiness one of the keys to longevity and if so, what should we all be doing to elevate our happiness levels? 


Surprisingly enough, USA Today came out with an article discussing a study that showed people who feel happy live 35% longer than those who don’t. 



According to the article, 3,853 individuals, between the ages of 52-79 were surveyed several times during a single day and asked to rate their level of happiness.  Specifically, participants were asked to rate their feelings on a scale from 1-4 at 7 am, 7 pm and then a half-hour after each time. (7:30 am and 7:30 pm)  Five years later, the researchers recorded the number of people involved in the original survey who had passed away.


“The fact that positive emotions in one day predicted survival is pretty amazing,” say Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor at the University of California-Riverside who was involved with the study.  “We do know that happiness is associated with an extended life span.  If we can get people to be happier, would that extend the life span?  We don’t know that yet.”


Researchers are fairly confident though that this theory will soon be proved correct.


So we ask you the following questions.  Are you happy?  Do you constantly strive to not only improve your life, but improve the lives of others by projecting a positive image?  Do you steer clear of activities and various thoughts whose end result would produce a “bad day?”


Perhaps one thing we can all take solace in is that Nu Skin is a company that is focused on improving people’s lives.  As individuals involved in, or familiar with this thriving, exciting business, we hope you will take every opportunity to not only spread happiness through our innovative products and life-changing opportunities, but to also better your own lives on a daily basis.


Speaking on the subject of happiness, Sandie Tillotson, one of our beloved founders has said “…I believe that the pursuit of your dream is what brings you happiness, as long as you’re working toward a positive thing, something that is going to enrich your life and the lives of others.”


May you all constantly demonstrate your difference everywhere you go and through everything you do.  Who knows, maybe your positive and uplifting attitude will be the secret ingredient to help you live longer.        


To review the USA Today article, click here.