Do You Have the Habits of a Strategic Thinker?

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Do You Have the Habits of a Strategic Thinker?


With an unmatched business opportunity, backed by innovative ageLOC products, strategic partnerships and proprietary genetic data, Nu Skin is constantly striving to arm its distributors with the best tools possible to be successful.


Once our distributors have these tools in their hands, the real question is what will they do with them? Will they be strategic in their own planning and execution?  Will they follow the Five Key Drivers to the Success Formula and set high, yet attainable goals to move their business forward?


Recently, wrote an article outlining six habits true strategic thinkers possess. These six habits include:


1.       Anticipate – Search beyond the current boundaries of your business and anticipate ways to stay ahead of the industry.


2.       Think Critically – By questioning the way you are doing business, you will develop a self-criticizing view which will help you become a better leader.


3.       Interpret – There are many ways to accomplish a single goal.  Everyone goes through life differently.  It’s important to find what works best for you. It is also important, as a leader, to share your ideas with others and allow them to copy your methods.


4.       Decide – It is always important to be decisive when decisions need to be made. Carefully think about potential outcomes, and then pick the best path to accomplish your goals.


5.       Align – It is important to foster an open dialogue with those you work with at all time. In addition, by aligning yourself with the companies goals and values will help you maintain and ethical and transparent work environment.


6.       Learn – In life, you will never be an expert on all issues.  It is important to learn as much as you can throughout life.  Knowledge is power.


As you continue down your Nu Skin journey, it will be important to not only adhere to the Success Formula, but you also be strategic in your thinking.


To read the full article on, Click Here.


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