Distributors Reach Out to Haiti

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Distributors Reach Out to Haiti


With the earthquake in Haiti happening just days before the Kick-off event in Anaheim, the suffering in Haiti was on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Scott Van Pelt placed rubber bins around the event to collect cash donations for disaster relief efforts. Everyone in attendance got excited when Truman Hunt, during his opening presentation, pledged that Nu Skin would match the total amount of donations collected at the event.  Soon after, Nathan Ricks generously announced that he would match all donations collected during the first day of the event. Distributors quickly rallied together and in all, $10,034 was donated in Anaheim, not including the Nu Skin match.

To build up excitement at the Orlando Kick-Off, Ritch Wood pledged that Nu Skin would again match any donations given during the kick-off. Justin Rose then challenged the audience to surpass the Anaheim donations despite having much fewer people in attendance. Incredibly, everyone in Orlando answered his call and opened their hearts and wallets to help those in Haiti.

By the end of the kick-off in Orlando, we received two separate donations of $10,000 and collected a total of $30,050. 

The total amount of donations collected from both events equaled $40,084. After adding Nu Skin’s match, the total came to $80,168.

We were truly overwhelmed by the incredible response from our distributors in both Anaheim and Orlando. It was amazing to see our company become literally a force for good for those in need in Haiti.