Recap of Costa Rica Incentive Trip

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Recap of Costa Rica Incentive Trip

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Question: What’s the best thing about adding four frontline Ruby Executives to your team?


Answer: An all expense paid trip to an all-inclusive resort and spa in beautiful Costa Rica. 


Even better answer: Your new frontline Rubies get to join you on the Costa Rican adventure!


How amazing is this type of experience? Just ask the first Nu Skin qualifiers, Doug and Dave Vass. 


“To be the first to accomplish this promotion feels great,” Doug Vass said. “To have our whole team come makes it even better and makes it more fun because it’s what the whole team did together to get to this point.”


After becoming Rubies in February of 2010, the Vass brothers turned their attention to the frontline of their team to help earn the spot in Costa Rica. 


Stephen Clarke led the way and became the first frontline Ruby of the Vass’, followed by the duo of Cheri Regan and Peggy Hamilton. Guillermo Sanchez was next to reach Ruby and then Wendy Woodworth became the fourth Ruby and propelled the team to Costa Rica. 


 “If it wasn’t for our team, there was no way that we could get here,” Dave Vass added. 


As if having their team of frontline Rubies along for the trip wasn’t exciting enough,  Dave and Doug’s  Team Elite upline, John McClelland earned enough leadership points to also qualify for the trip and accompany everyone to Costa Rica. 


“This has been the perfect setting because you have an upline and a downline situation and you really get a chance to come together as a team,” John said. 


The group began arriving at the Hilton Papagayo Resort and Spa in Liberia, Costa Rica on Saturday, March 19, and wasted little time getting to the fun—heading out into the Gulf of Papagayo the very next day for an adventurous wave running experience. 


After meeting together as a team and with Nu Skin Corporate Executives in a poolside boardroom Monday morning, the group headed back to the ocean for a scenic catamaran ride out into the Pacific Ocean. 


Once aboard the 66-foot Marlin Del Rey catamaran, the group of 15 people had more than enough room to move around the vessel and find plenty of picturesque views of the Costa Rica coastline and beaches before stopping near a small beach for some snorkeling. 


After returning to the catamaran, everyone enjoyed a spread of appetizers while sailing back to the resort amongst a calming sunset. As the sun turned the sky a magnificent orange en route to its nightly resting spot, the catamaran was greeted on two different occasions by the ocean’s friendliest creatures—bottle nose dolphins. 


The group of dolphins swam along the catamaran and helped lead the way back to the beachside resort—leaving several in the group wanting to bottle the moment up and keep it forever. 


“We’ve had a blast here, and it’s definitely something we will never forget,” Peggy Hamilton said. 


With a full afternoon and evening of sailing in the books, the group took to the jungle the following day for an extreme zip-lining adventure from tree-top to tree-top. 


Spanning over 11 zip-lines and tree platforms, the group found this unique Costa Rican experience specifically thrilling as their zip-line tour guides led them speeding through the mountainous jungle. 


“On the zip-line, we got to fly like super girls,” Cheri Regan exclaimed. 


The final day of the trip featured appointments for each person at a beach-view spa before regrouping that evening on the beach for a closing dinner—highlighted by the sounds of the ocean mingled with the native Costa Rican music from an acoustic trio of local musicians. 


With the design of the Costa Rica promotion, the Vass brothers can return to the Central America country by creating four more frontline Ruby Executives or earning enough leadership points and attending with one of their frontline Rubies who has qualified for the trip themselves. 


“The beauty of this whole thing is that we can come back to Costa Rica,” Doug Vass said. 


As part of their daily team meetings in Costa Rica, the group formulated a 90-day plan that will help each of them make Costa Rica a reality for members of their own respective teams. 


Not wanting to waste any time, each person made the commitment to the 90-day plan and began implementing it immediately at the resort—finding time to present the Nu Skin opportunity to other guests at the resort as well as contacts back in their respective areas. 


The momentum and energy was so strong that a tour guide from one of the group’s adventures was presented with the opportunity and was sponsored on the spot. 


“We’re taking this as an incentive back to our teams and we’re really excited about coming back down here later this year,” Stephen Clarke said. 


Question: What do you get when you cross an upline with four frontline Ruby Executives?


Answer: Paradise.