Can You Ace This Quiz?

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Can You Ace This Quiz?

Nu Skin's lawyers put your knowledge to the test


1.       Which of the following is a distributor permitted to do, when promoting the Nu Skin business opportunity through media outlets:

A.      Promote specific Nu Skin products and services

B.      Conduct interviews with the media

C.      Place a generic opportunity advertisement, in jurisdictions allowing that type of advertising

D.      Place an article about the Galvanic Spa in your favorite magazine, using your own before and after photos


2.       A distributor may use which of the following websites to promote the Nu Skin business opportunity?

A.      eBay/Amazon

B.      Global Web Page (

C.      Craigslist

D.      Facebook


3.       A distributor can create their own Web site at what Pin level?


A.      Distributor and above

B.      Lapis and above

C.      Diamond and above

D.      Blue Diamond/ Team Elite

4.       Business cards produced by the company should contain which of the following?

A.  A registered trademark of the company’s logo and name

B.  The words “Independent Distributor” on the card

C.  Detailed information about company products

D.  A and B


5.       Company approved flyers, business cards, and brochures may be distributed in the following way:


A.       Through personal contact only

B.      Posted in public places, such as parked cars

C.      Mass mailed, or placed in mail boxes or doors

D.      Send through unsolicited faxes or E-mail messages


1. C - A distributor may place only generic opportunity advertisements, in jurisdictions allowing that type of advertisement. The company does not allow distributors to place advertisements in magazines or to participate in TV interviews. If the opportunity should arise, then it should be forwarded immediately to the Public Relations Department at (801) 345-1000.

2. B - While eBay/Amazon, Craigslist, and Facebook are great sites, they have not been approved for distributor use by the company. Additionally, Global Web Pages are full of useful information about the company, its products, and the business opportunity. 

3. D - The company allows only a Blue Diamond distributor, who maintains their title, to create their own website. Before using the website, the Blue Diamond distributor must submit it to the Legal Department for review and approval. 

4. D - A distributor is only allowed to use business cards produced by the company.  These cards will always contain the company’s trademarked logo name and the words, Independent Distributor.  The company approved cards will never contain information about the products or business opportunity. We leave the opportunity to the distributor to share the information about how great Nu Skin is.

5. A - Distributors may only pass out flyers, business cards, and brochures through personal contact only. All other methods are not approved and risk disciplinary action the company.