Winter Woes? Start Building A Healthy Immune System

Winter Woes? Start Building A Healthy Immune System


People who consume a well-balanced, nutritious diet and take care of their bodies usually have healthy immune systems. However, most of us undergo periods when our natural resistance is challenged. Stress, occasional sleeplessness, fatigue, and a poor diet can diminish the strength of our immune system. This can be further challenged by international travel. During these times, you may have a heightened concern about your immune health and how you can help support a healthy immune system.


Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices, such as good hygiene, proper sleep and rest, and not smoking are associated with healthy immune function. In concert with these practices, Pharmanex® offers several products that may help support your body’s natural immune defense.*


Our recommendation for healthy supplementation starts with a core foundation of LifePak® and MarineOmega® (or LifePak® Nano). Then, customize your regimen with Pharmanex Solutions products developed with your specific needs in mind. If your primary need is to help support your body’s natural immune defense, Pharmanex offers specific products for immune health.  These products include ReishiMax, Immune Formula, Ai/E10, and Ai/E10 Ultra.


LifePak Nano, LifePak, and MarineOmega provide nutritional building blocks for a healthy immune system while Pharmanex’s targeted immune products support your body’s natural immune defense:

-          ReishiMax contains a high concentration of actives from the Reishi mushroom, which help to promote the proliferation and activity of your body’s own defensive immune cells.

-          Immune Formula provides a comprehensive blend of immune-enhancing ingredients (including vitamin C, Echinacea, and goldenseal) to support immune function, especially during the cold weather season.

-          Ai/E10 and Ai/E10 Ultra contain an ultra-filtered whey extract that delivers immune system messengers that are involved in immune cell communication, along with other ingredients to provide immune system support.


Additionally, frequently washing hands helps protect the immune system from the invasion of microorganisms. When hand washing is not an option, using a hand sanitizer, like Epoch Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer, is a good option to reduce bacteria that can potentially cause disease.


These Nu Skin products, in combination with a healthy lifestyle may help support your body’s immune defense during the cold and flu season. Be prepared and stay healthy!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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