Are You Using the Success Formula?

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Are You Using the Success Formula?

Focusing on the Power of Clarity


Over the past 25 years, successful Nu Skin distributors have often shared that the first step in their path to success was clearly defining their dream. Through their experience, they’ve repeatedly proved that it’s necessary for leaders to first know what they want to achieve and how high they want to go.  

We’ve found that once an individual has a clear and compelling vision of what they want to do and who they want to be, it’s easier to maintain the motivation needed to achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality. 

Many of our best leaders around the world have said that when they started, they were focused on a material goal. For example, some focused on a dream house, a supplemental income, or financial freedom. Interestingly, over time and as their business grew, the goals of these leaders eventually changed. They became deeper, more meaningful, and focused less on material things and more on helping the people around them.

These people-focused dreams became an anchor for the leaders and provided them with the necessary motivation to achieve long term success despite struggles and setbacks. These meaningful goals are what encouraged them to go the extra mile, make the necessary changes, and do the hard work that was required.

To learn how to define your dream and allow it to guide you in your business, I encourage you to watch The Success Formula video. It is a powerful mindset training program that Nu Skin has created to help you build a successful business and pursue your life’s dreams. In the video, Nu Skin founders, top executives and our most successful distributors share how they defined their dreams and applied these successful principles. You can access The Success Formula through subscribing to a Global Web Page through