Are You the New 'Fresh Face' of ageLOC?

Are You the New 'Fresh Face' of ageLOC?

Enter the "Keep Your AGe a mystery" photo challenge


We’re happy to announce the launch of “Keep Your Age a Mystery” photo challenge. This global contest willl highlight Nu Skin distributors and customers who defy their age and embody the Nu Skin spirit of ‘living young.’


If you're like most Nu Skin distributors, everyone is always telling you how fabulous you look for your age. If so, you have a great opportunity to become the new face of ageLOC and win some incredible prizes including a luxury vacation and cruise, as well as a celebrity-style photo shoot. 


To enter the competition, find a person who looks like your twin and makes you look years younger. Take a headshot photo of the two of you together and write a brief explanation of why you choose ageLOC to keep your age a mystery. Then let the judging begin! Contest winners will be selected based on their youthful appearance relevant to their actual age, among other criteria outlined in the contest’s official rules.


“Our new ageLOC skin care products are transforming our business and more importantly, our international sales force,” said Dan Chard, president of global sales and operations for Nu Skin. “This photo challenge celebrates sales representatives and preferred customers who embody Nu Skin’s spirit of ‘living young’ and have chosen to use Nu Skin’s ageLOC products to help maintain their youthful appearance."


To learn more about the "Keep Your Age a Mystery" photo challenge, visit the contest Web site, The site also features interactive games and highlights other international winners.