On Location

On Location

Joe Chang: An Exciting First Day in Malawi

Some of our Nu Skin executives have traveled to Malawi to see first-hand how Nu Skin is being a force for good in the African country. During the next two weeks, they will visit a number of locations inlcuding Mtalimanja Village, Madalitso VitaMeal Plant, and Mtendere Orphanage. 


Throughout the trip, the executives will keep us updated on what they've been up to and and who they've met. We will post their updates on The Source as soon as we hear from them.


Joe Chang is currently accompanying our Korean leaders on the trip and posted the comments below this morning.




"I am travelling with our Korean leaders during this trip to Malawi and I can truthfully say that they are incredibly excited about this trip and how they can personally see their impact on the lives of Malawi children.


We have just completed our first day of the trip. We visited the Vita Meal plant where we saw how raw corn was transformed into a complete nutritious meal for the kids. Our food scientists have done an incredible job creating a meal that can be produced so effectively in Malawi. Kudos to Win Duersch. The plant is now fully equipped and humming along. Napoleon should be justifiably proud that he has creates a sustainable facility that serves a humanitarian purpose while providing employment to the local population. This is indeed 5% of what we do but 95% of who we are.  Moreover, the final product tastes good!



The afternoon was spent visiting with the children residing in the neighboring orphanage. What a wild bunch and highlight of the day! We were entertained with song and dance and never have I seen children who are so loved and cared for. I do believe our Korean leaders have fallen in love with them. How can they avoid that? They are so lovable and moreover, they now know how to fist bump. I taught them.


We are off to Mtalimanja tomorrow and looking forward to learning how that is faring."