ageLOC’s Surprising Results

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ageLOC’s Surprising Results

A Behind-the-Scenes Look Into Nu Skin’s ageLOC Studies


Q&A With Helen Knaggs:

Q: Were you surprised by any of the results?

We knew going into the study that we had great formulations. The feedback we received from those testing the products was very positive, so we anticipated great results. We did not anticipate, however, that the results would be as good as they are. Our Nu Skin scientists and consultants have never seen these types of improvements across so many different attributes. We were especially pleased with the improvements reported in mottled pigmentation and uneven skin tone at such early time periods.

Q: What impressed you most from the results of ageLOC’s clinical studies?

We were honestly amazed by the initial improvements that were reported by both the clinical grader and the subjects. With many studies, we find that visible results reach a plateau after a period of time and eventually stop showing any signs of improvement. However, when testing the ageLOC Transformation Set, this was not the case. Surprisingly, the results improved at a steady rate during the 12 week time period. We were very impressed with these results.

Q: Why is the statement “Eight Ways in Seven Days” so compelling?

Why clutter up your countertop with so many products when you can get such amazing results with just one system? By creating a full system around this premier product, consumers can address all of their basic daily skin care needs, while at the same time enjoying preventive and corrective anti-aging benefits.

Q: How does the ageLOC Transformation System address both the signs and sources of aging?

ageLOC Transformation is formulated with ageLOC technology. With this technology, we have identified specific ingredients that target the ultimate sources of aging — our genes. Our genomic research has shown that we are able to influence the expression of genes that are responsible for skin aging attributes and, by doing so, create proteins that support youthful looking skin. We are proud to say we've built an entire skin care system incorporating this level of genetic understanding.