A Winning Combination: Passion and Belief

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A Winning Combination: Passion and Belief

Nu Skin’s impressive and continuous growth over the years can be attributed to a number of factors, including forward-thinking management, a culture that emphasizes acting as a force for good, a rewarding compensation plan, and hard-working distributors who put The Success Formula principles to work for themselves every day.


An integral part of The Success Formula is a strong belief system and having true passion for sharing Nu Skin with everyone you meet. Melisa Tantoco Quijano, president of the Southeast Asia and Pacific Regions for Nu Skin, will tell you that some of the most successful distributors are individuals whose passion was ignited by transforming experiences with Nu Skin products.  This becomes The Difference. Demonstrated® for these distributors—and the force that propels them to top levels within the company.


Nu Skin has many products that demonstrate proven, beneficial results. One product that has played a key role in two Malaysian men’s lives is the TRA Weight Management Program.


A Transformation in Body and Spirit

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The first individual is a young man who worked very hard for several years to become a doctor because he wanted to help people. But while he was putting in long hours to serve others in his role as a physician, he compromised his own health and put on weight. He was introduced to TRA, and soon his colleagues began to notice a difference in his appearance. Before long, the young doctor found himself building a Nu Skin business while continuing his medical practice. As the doctor’s Nu Skin business grew, he realized his medical skill was just one way he could serve others. Now he helps people enjoy better health through his knowledge as a doctor and with Nu Skin products, and he helps people improve their financial situations.

A Convergence of Circumstances and Timing


Circumstances and timing helped another Malaysian distributor accelerate his business when he too had great results with TRA. This accountant had worked his Nu Skin business steadily for several years, but without real passion. Thanks to Nu Skin, however, he and his wife—also an accountant—were eventually able to leave their “desk jobs.” Then, because his own life was transformed more than he expected, he was instilled with the power of passion and belief. Melisa believes that for him, the right circumstances came together at just the right time. “He found a way to talk about TRA and how to promote it, and he found people who believed in it,” says Melisa. “And since then, his business has just exploded.” Today, thanks to his newfound passion and strong belief in the system, this distributor has one of the region’s fastest growing distributorships. 

Melisa advises all distributors to find their own passion and personal belief system, and make them an important part of their daily business building efforts—because that is when the real magic occurs.



“To see this distributor 10 years ago and to see him now makes me feel proud—
he is very different. His change is remarkable. Today he is more visionary, and 
he talks about the future and his dreams. Together, with his wife, he really 
motivates and helps people achieve their own dreams.”
                        —Melisa Tantoco Quijano, president, Southeast Asia and Pacific Regions


Melisa Quijano is responsible for overseeing 10 countries, more than 300 employees, and nearly 5,000 executive distributors. She has been the driving force in turning Southeast Asia into the company’s fastest growing region, and is widely recognized as the creator of the highly successful “Go Double” campaign that has become an integral part of other regions’ business plans.




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