A Healthy Life Thanks to Nu Skin

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A Healthy Life Thanks to Nu Skin


This is Yana. Yana is a healthy young girl who turned 10 last Tuesday. But she hasn’t always been this healthy, 7 years ago her future did not look as bright as it does now. Yana was born with a congenital heart defect that required surgery to correct. Luckily, Yana was sponsored by generous donations from Nu Skin employees and distributors through the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation and was able to receive the necessary life-saving surgery through the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund.


The Children’s Heart Fund has helped thousands of children just like Yana. Distributors and employees have a direct impact on the lives of children who are not able to afford the life-saving surgery. Not only are generous donations given to help the children, but Nu Skin employees also dedicate their time to visit and encourage these patients at their local hospitals.


Thank you for participating in the Children’s Heart Fund and thank you being a Force for Good around the world.


To donate to the Force for Good Foundation click here​.

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