A Formula Grounded in Simplicity

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A Formula Grounded in Simplicity

Hard work, perseverance, and believing in yourself and your dreams by taking daily action toward achieving those dreams are all important facets of building a successful Nu Skin business. Some may feel these are complicated steps to take, but Dan Chard, President, Global Sales and Operations for Nu Skin, has learned that The Success Formula is really grounded in simplicity.


“The Success Formula outlines the success road map and shows people not only how they can become successful building a Nu Skin business, but also how they can become successful in life by living the dream of what they want to be, who they want to be, and how they spend their time,” explains Dan. He also understands that people have different reasons for what actually drives their success—for some it is a financial need, for others it is how they spend their time on a day-to-day basis, and for still others it is all about having the freedom to be with their families or to work with other people.


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Dan has seen many Distributors put The Success Formula to work for them because they had their dream clearly envisioned and knew exactly what they had to do to make that dream a reality. One German woman is a great example—she lacked a college degree and did not feel like the “glamorous” person she felt coincided with success. In addition, she didn’t know how to drive, so she had the added burden of taking a taxi to all of her meetings. Plus, her friends and family members told her repeatedly that getting involved with Nu Skin was a mistake and that she would not be successful.


Living Every Part of Nu Skin Became Key to Her Success

Like so many other people who have defied negative attitudes confronting them, this woman made a decision to be successful and to ignore her critics. “I think her secret was that she lived every part of Nu Skin and the business, the culture, the products,” says Dan. “She would even paint her fingernails with the logos of different products. This helped to keep what she was doing at the top of her mind.” This total commitment to Nu Skin also proved to be an inspiration to her downline, because they could easily see how dedicated she was to growing her team. And grow it she did; she is now a Team Elite Executive.[i]


Dan has seen this same dedication to goals and living one’s dream take place inside Nu Skin. “One of the truly inspirational things about working at Nu Skin is we are constantly interacting with people who have absolutely no doubt that they are going to accomplish what they have set out to do,” says Dan. “That rubs off on all of us, so we become better people through our association with individuals who have big dreams and are able to pursue them.” And by witnessing the success of Distributors, Nu Skin employees can take similar steps toward accomplishing their own professional goals.


            “I think we benefit internally from the belief that our Distributors have. It’s easy 
            to sit around and talk about what could be, but ultimately, it requires the actions 
            of many for us to be successful, and that can start with one person.”
                                                    —Dan Chard, President, Global Sales and Operations


Prior to his current position, Dan Chard served as Executive Vice President of Distributor Success, as well as President of Nu Skin Europe. He has worked in a variety of strategic management positions, including six years in marketing management with Pillsbury, and has served as Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Big Planet and as a Senior Director of Marketing and Product Development at Pharmanex.